The Ultimate Layering Guide – The “La Mere” Layering Technique

"la mere" layering technique

This fashion-forward street style is what makes the “La Mere” Layering technique come alive!

Layering is a popular technique in fashion whereby a person will layer clothing one on top of the other.

That being said there’s definitely a right an wrong way to layer.  To keep from looking too bulky or unbalanced, I’ve come up with a quick and easy technique that will allow even the most novice fashionistas to layer effortlessly.

Like everything, you will improve with practice, but this will give you a starting point on how to layer and what to layer.

Below are the four components of the “La Mere” Layering Technique:

  • Part 1: “Long” – Long refers to the length of the first layer of clothing you have on.  In this case “long” refers to a shirt or tank top that hits below the hip.  Aim for something that hits mid-thigh.  Please note, the sleeves can also be long, but that’s not necessary.

Also in more advanced variations of the “La Mere” Layering Technique, you can tuck the shirt into a skirt or pant.  The length here is still important because it prevents bulk.  You also want to make sure this first layer is a light to medium weight fabric.

  • Part 2: “Cropped” – Cropped refers to the second layer in my “La Mere” Layering Technique where the shirt, jacket, or cardigan you choose will hit at the hip, cropped isn’t the best term but it’s shorter than saying “at the hip”:)  See the pic above to see a great example of Part 1 and Part 2.  The fabric for this layer can be lightweight to medium weight as well.
  • Part 3: “Oversized or Overlap” – The third part of the “La Mere” Layering Technique is the oversized or overlap layer. Here you want to add a cape, chunky scarf, or other medium to heavy weight item that ties the bottom three layers together.  This oversized layer must be in proportion with your shape so as not to overwhelm.  Another option is to also go for a piece that you would overlap, such as a scarf.

"la mere" layering technique

  • Part 4: “Structured” – In the this part, you want to add a jacket, blazer, or cardigan that has structure and preferably well-tailored.  The structure should complement both your body type and the theme of the look you’re going for.  For instance, if your look is preppy, a letterjacket with a insignia of a school or brand would be appropriate.  If you’re very daring, you can use a bolero jacket or some other unexpected but structured, tailored piece of clothing.

This is one of the most important part of the “La Mere” layering technique because this is where the shape of the wearer is best defined.  If you don’t want your layers voluminous or bulky, make sure to pick a great tailored jacket.  This jacket should be a medium weight fabric as well.

So are you game to try this technique?  If so drop me a line and let me see your results!

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One thought on “The Ultimate Layering Guide – The “La Mere” Layering Technique

  1. oh yeah , it is as easy as it sounds , i like to layer alot 2 ,
    am currently having my final exams , so lots of stress and studying , if i manage to have time for pics i will try these steps to share with u , if not am sorry for that ,

    am a huge supporter for all new and exciting ideas like urs sweetie ,

    Keep going


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