Learn Why Fashion Magazines Are Lying to You

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Learn why fashion magazines have been lying to you for years!

Jenny flipped through the pages of the latest issue of another glossy fashion mag.  She saw the celebs on the red carpetl drooled over the latest runway shows; and grew green with envy over that bustier designer dress some pop star wore while on the red carpet.


After an hour of putting herself though self-hell looking at what others were wearing, she looked in her closet and still didn’t have a clue about what she was wearing to a function for work tomorrow night! Has this ever happened to you?


If you’re like me, then the answer is definitely yes. Let’s face it.


Fashion magazine and blogs don’t teach you about fashion!


Sorry if I burst your bubble, but they don’t.


They sell the latest trend and how it looks on the celebrity of the moment. If you really want to learn fashion basics, start looking at something right under your nose. I’m talking about home shopping networks!

Seriously, don’t laugh.:lol:

As crazy as it sounds, these channels that were once thought of as something your Grandma Mary or Aunt June watched have become untapped resources of core fashion knowledge every woman needs to know. Just imagine being able to walk into your favorite store and confidently pick clothes and accessories that were perfect for your shape and sense of style? This is completely possible with the information you’ll learn from home shopping channels!



  • Home shopping channels teach the basics about style – Models of different shapes, sizes, and complexions come out to model whatever’s being presented. Then the host and fashion guest go about explaining the basics of tailoring and fit on that model. The things they’re discussing, like fit, movement, tailoring, length, seams, color coordination, etc. are the types of things you learn when you go to fashion school (think Parsons, F.I.T., Tim Gunn, What Not To Wear, etc.) and you’re getting them right there on your television!
  • Home shopping networks have products readily available – When you see something you like, you can order it right then and there by phone or online.
  • Home shopping networks offer pieces that are on trend – There are professional buyers and stylists who ensure that interpretations of the latest trends in the industry are available for sale. This means you won’t have to worry about being out of date and looking old-fashioned

Why are home shopping networks the new source of useful fashion philosophy?

fashion magazine cover2

Fashion magazines are beautiful and glossy, but don’t give fashion advice you can use!

In today’s online and interactive world (where the next YouTube sensation can be on tour with a pop star!) many celebrities and fashion insiders are expanding their brands by marketing clothing and accessories to the masses. This makes fashion (and fashion knowledge) more accessible to the everyday person.


Shows to watch on the most popular channels



  • Fashionably Early with Jane & Pat – usually has on guests (like Kris Jenner) or fashion insiders who give great tips on the pieces being shown and how to wear them in various ways
  • B. Makowsky Handbags – great colors of handbags for the seasons and what they work best with
  • The Lisa Robertson Show – this is a good Friday night fashion recap with plenty of guests, tidbits, and entertainment hosted by a veteran from the network
  • Issac Mizrahi Live! – Issac himself usually comes on the show and gives great tips for how to wear his pieces, along with color and accessories advice
  • Shoe Shopping with Jane – This show will give you great insight on the latest shoe trends, what colors they work best with, and occasions to wear them
  • Simonton Says by George Simonton – “Unique novelty fabrics, exquisite details and sophisticated silhouettes are the hallmarks of George Simonton, the designer of choice for some of the world’s best-dressed women. George Simonton is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and listed as an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His elegant ready-to-wear creations can be found in select specialty stores and high-end department stores, but George Simonton has created Simonton Says especially for QVC. From couture-inspired details to feminine prints and rich jacquards of Simonton Says elegant related separates beautifully reflect the designer’s flair for what flatters today’s woman..” (from QVC)
  • Accessorize Your Fall – This show features the hottest accessories of the season which you can add to your real life wardrobe, including handbags, shoes and jewelry




  • Tiana B. Fashions – Modern street-savvy style in wearable knits is presented here
  • Hot In Hollywood – The hottest shoes, handbags, and accessories are presented at more affordable price-point. Great commentary provided on what the models are wearing and several different suggestions on how you can wear it too!
  • American Glamour Badgley Mischka – on of the designers comes on to explain what they designed the pieces they did and how to wear it for that season.
  • G by Giuliana Rancic – the E! Host and reality star has her pulse on fashion and what’s hot in Hollywood. Therefore you can expect nothing less than cutting edge style and great wardrobe pieces from her collection.
  • IMAN Global Chic (and also IMAN Platinum) – This is a fashion veteran with nearly 4 decades of experience in the fast-paced world of fashion. She brings her fresh interpretations of the latest trends to the small screen and give viewers tailoring and color options that would be hard to find elsewhere. Everything this woman does is fabulous and I literally write down every piece of fashion advice that comes out of her mouth!
  • CARMEN Carmen Marc Valvo – The fashion god who’s know to design his dresses for women with curves has brought his high fashion sensibilities to HSN with collection that range from wear-to-work to casual & chic. He brings a breath of sensuality and femininity to sophistication like no other designer out today.

Now that you know my top picks of shows that will actually teach you a thing or two about fashion, go schedule that DVR or set that TiVO to record so you truly understand the basics of fashion and style so you can feel confident everytime you step out the door.

Want to start now?

Then watch the short QVC video below and….

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2 thoughts on “Learn Why Fashion Magazines Are Lying to You

    • Hi Debra,

      Yes, you’re so right, most people don’t! However, I’ve found shopping channels to give some of the best most streamlined fashion advice in everyday language that people can understand.

      Glad you liked my post!


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