How to Fold a Sweater to Increase Storage Space in Your Closet

How to Fold Sweaters

Fashion Stylist Tip: Folding sweaters creates max space in your closet!

Answer this question FAST:

If you won a $5,000 shopping spree, would you be able to properly fit your new stuff into your closet?

Or better yet, do the clothes you already have properly fit into your closet?

I’m guessing no, and that’s a huge problem. Most of us only take about five minutes to pick what we’re going to wear for the day, and if we don’t immediately SEE something, we forget it’s there and aren’t maximizing our wardrobe therefore wasting money.

You need a better plan.

Folding Sweaters to Increase Storage Space in Your Closet

It’s cold outside, have you taken the time to fold the sweaters in your closet?

If not, you are wasting precious space by trying to hang those sweaters on hangers.

Below is a quick video I found on YouTube (admittedly not created by me!) on how to fold sweaters:

The tips in this video are important for two reasons:

Reason #1:

The shape/contour of your sweaters will last longer when properly folded instead of hanging on a hanger.

If you are buying clothes as there are meant to be, as an investment, this is really important!

Maintain all aspects of your clothes is essential in building a wardrobe you love and making every dollar you spend on that wardrobe be a good investment.  Garment care has two parts cleaning/maintenance and storing.  Properly folding your sweaters has to do with storage.

Don’t have shelves in your closet?

No worries!  Use a large Space Saver bag or clear plastic bin (suitable for your living space) to store your sweaters when you aren’t wearing them.

Reason #2:

You will create space in your closet.

As a shopaholic by trade, choice, and default, I have to be ruthless when it comes to purchasing and storing what I buy.

To that end, folding sweaters is one of the easiest methods to create more space in my closets.  Go ahead and try this quick solution today & let me know how much space you saved!

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