Roll Your Jeans & Clip Your Pants

Roll Your Jeans

Fashion Stylist Tip: Rolling your jeans & using clip hangers will help organize your closet!

If you’re a shopoholic/fashion addict like me you may suffer from the same issue as I do when it comes to storing your jeans…

…there’s no room in your closet!

As a woman who loves variety and has yet to meet a denim wash she didn’t love, jeans are definitely a big part of my wardrobe.

Though I love this most versatile piece of clothing, I could never seem to store them in a way that would prevent wrinkling.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, that is until I had the fabulous idea to start storing my jeans in the same way I pack them.

The concept is simple.

Step 1: Roll Your Jeans like you would when packing

Just roll your jeans in order to store them in your closet!

This creates space and keeps them wrinkle free.

You just have to know how to roll them properly.  To help you with that task, I’ve included a short video.

If you happen to experience ANY wrinkles when you unravel your jeans, just use a steamer.

(My favorite steamer is Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer).

Step 2: Clip Your Pants, Trousers & Skirts

The next thing you want to do is clip all of your pants, trousers, and skirts on clip hangers.

If you have a lot of any of these items, then you need clip hangers (Ad naseum!)

To make it easier, below are the different types of pant/trouser hangers:

  • Individual clip hangers – these are hangers where you can hang one (at most two) pairs of pants  (The Clear 14″ Pant/Skirt Hangers, set of 25 is enough to get all of your pants/trousers/skirts neatly hung for under $20).
  • Open-ended swinger hangers – no this isn’t referring to an alternative lifestyle, but it is a fancy type of hanger!  (I have mixed feelings about these hangers, but my favorites are Jobar Slacks Hangers Open Ended pants Easy Slide Organizers).  They work best with pants that are lightweight.  Think career attire slacks, khakis, etc.

So try the rolling technique & check out each type of hanger then let me know what works for you!

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