Brand Spotlight: Angela & Roi

Angela&RoiWho They Are:  I recently came across a brand of handbags that is particularly interesting. The brand in the spotlight this week is Angela & Roi ( 

They’re a company that was started by a couple whose products are based upon fashion, style, and philanthropy!   

Why I love them: There concept is simple, for each color there is a designated cause that’s supported.  Put simply, there’s a portion of the purchase price that’s donated to an associated charity.  Here’s their Donate by Color breakdown:

  • Angela&Roi2Black – Melanoma
  • Blue – Colon Cancer
  • Brown – Cancer
  • Gray – Diabetes
  • Green – Anxiety & Depression
  • Orange – Kidney Disease
  • Pink – Breast Cancer
  • Purple – Alzheimer’s
  • Red – AIDS/HIV
  • White – Lung Cancer
  • Yellow – Childhood Cancer

What I’m doing next:  My next step is to get my hands on about three handbags that I’m loving at the moment (specifically the Everyday Tote in Navy, Sunday Tote in Neon Yellow, Casual Shoulder in Brown, and the Ostrich Oversized Tote in Pink).

Check out this brand today and see how you can have a positive impact on not only your wardrobe, but others as well!

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