Fashion Challenger: Word Sophisticate

Fashion Challenger - Word Sophisticate - Wordplay 1This week I want to do a reverse of the last fashion challenger.  If you recall casual pleats were the theme where I wanted you to take something usually reserved for formal or business settings (pleats) and make them casual.

This time around I want you take something uber-casual and make it work for happy hour or similar semi-dressy occasion.

That’s right folks, word sophisticate is all about taking an item with words or a logo on it an coordinating it in a way that’s a bit more dressy.

Yes it’s tricky at first, but with some practice you will get better at it!

Weekly Fashion Challenger:

Go through your closet and pick out:

  1. 1 clothing item with a large visible words or logo on it
  2. 1 accessory item with a large visible words or a logo on it

Pair each item with pants, skirts, or tops that would make this look seem right at happy hour.  My point isn’t to go “career attire” dressy here, but to just class up something that’s usually too casual.

Fashion Challenger - Word Sophisticate - Wordplay 2All About Wordplay

Your Next Move:

Try this trend out and see if your results were as interesting as mine!  I noticed altering a garment (like cutting off the sleeves of a sweatshirt) was very useful in adapting the trend to a more streamlined and sophisticated look. *Fashion Stylist Tip: If you truly don’t own any article of clothing with words or logos on it, use a scarf with word or a logo on it and convert it into a handbag.
Check out the YouTube video below for instructions.

Comment and share your results below!
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Let me know your fashion take in the comment section below!

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