La Mere Layering Technique – Love from L.A.

La Mere Layering Technique LA - Carmen ShuGar 1

Fashion Blogger: Carmen ShuGar of ShuGar Love

A few weeks ago I asked a wonderful fashion blogger buddie of mine, Mrs. ShuGar of ShuGar Love, to try out my La Mere Layering Technique.  With her most gracious acceptance of this fashion challenge she helped to prove two things:

1. This layering technique works well in any weather (she’s in L.A. so she would know!), and

2. The La Mere Layering Technique works well for every body type (she’s currently pregnant)

Since I’ve never been good with trying to re-write the feelings of others, I’ll just quote her directly:)

Check out her write up and pics below. Also click here to read her blog post about her experience Preggo Layering Fashion.

  • La Mere Layering Technique LA - Carmen ShuGar 2Layering technique:

“I am a fan of layering in the winter, but our L.A. winters are milder than most parts of the country.

Therefore, I layer with lighter clothing and mix patterns and colors. This allows for you to showcase the different items and add some spice to any outfit.  I usually wear a light sweater under, then a blouse over it, followed by a shorter blazer/sweater and either a hat and/or scarf. I pair this with shoes that don’t necessarily have the colors used in any of the clothing.  I shy away from matchy matchy!

I am enjoying combining maternity fashion with non-maternity clothes. It’s fun showcasing the bump! There’s a lot of cute belly-bump clothes and I think you can layer easily with the right blouses that provide support for the bump.”







  • La Mere Layering Technique LA - Carmen ShuGar 4Blog Bio: My name is Carmen, but I’m playfully known as Mrs. ShuGar. “ShuGar” is a nickname my hubs and I use, which combines the first three letters of our last names. It’s pronounced “sugar“, but spelled S-H-U-G-A-R.  I blog about the Heart & all there is to LoveTurquoise rocks my world.  Art is my passion.  In another life, I was born as Lizzy Bennet and Mr. ShuGar was my Mr. Darcy. I heart LA. I’m an indie film nerd. Fashion & writing feed my soul. Our entire love story can be told through Beatles songs. Mr. ShuGar and our ShuGar Baby are my sunshine. Love is all. Love is you.

I want so say thank you again to Carmen for participating and showing off my fun and easy technique!

Want to participate?  Feel free to contact me with pics and a short write up anytime!

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