La Mere Layering Technique – Love from The Philippines

La Mere Layering Technique  - Dianne Alejo 1

Fashion Blogger Dianne Alejo of Dianne’s Little Adventure

As I trudge along in the chilly weather of winter (I’m in the northeast in the US, but it’s a beautiful sunny day today!), I find myself absolutely addicted to my La Mere Layering Technique!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know, I love to ask fellow fashion bloggers to try out new things I’ve come up with.  Today, I’m receiving support from a blogger friend in The Philippines named Dianne of Dianne’s Little Adventure.  She was lovely enough to include a fabulous little write-up and pictures of her demonstrating my technique!

  • Here are her thoughts about the process:

“I find the whole layering thing quite interesting. I thought I won’t be able to pull it off, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines. Upon following the steps and trying to make it appropriate with our weather, I was able to layer clothes like a pro 😉 What I love about this is how I can customize the layers accordingly. I can mix-and-match the different layers and come up with different outfits.

Thanks for the La Mere Layering technique, Janelle. I really had fun with this technique.”

She was so kind to include many pictures, so I thought a slideshow was called for…enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Want to get in on the layering fun?  Then feel free to try out the technique and let me know your results!

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Let me know your fashion take in the comment section below!

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