Fashion Challenger: Blush, Fuchsia & Tan

Fashion Challenger - Blush, Tan & Fuchsia 1Flipping through the pages of my favorite fashion mag, I came across an ad that instantly got my attention.

The colors of blush, fuchsia, and tan were smattered all throughout the advertisement and I found it utterly refreshing!

That got me to thinking about what I could do for this week’s fashion challenge, and you guessed it…it was something with this fun and feminine combinations of colors!

All About Blush, Fuchsia & Tan:

  • Tan or rather, Sand (Pantone 15-1225) is one of the Pantone Colors for Spring 2014
  • Both blush and fuchsia are pinker shades of Pantone Colors for Fall 2014 Mauve Mist (Pantone 15-3207) and Sangria (Pantone 19-2047)
  • All three colors can be worn together in a palette that’s both dazzling and feminine
  • Tan and blush, being considered softer more neutral tones, pair well with bolder colors
  • Tan and blush are timeless & seasonless colors (Yup, you can wear them anytime of year in any season!)

Fashion Challenger - Blush, Tan & Fuchsia  2Your Next Move:

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, it’s time for you to march to your closet and start pulling out pieces in these three colors.

To try something more suited for career attire, wear fuchsia in a print (such as paisley) or the color of an accessory.  For the bolder or the more bohemian fashionistas, try wearing fuchsia as the main color in either a richly tailored item or in a flowy top or skirt.

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