La Mere Layering Technique – Love from Italy

La Mere Layering Technique  - Italy

Fashion Blogger Ilaria from Italy

This just in!

A fabulous blogger buddy of mine, Ilaria at My Way To Be Myself, showed up and showed out in her practicing my La Mere Layering Technique all the way from Italy!

See her thought about the process and pictures below.

  • Thoughts about La Mere Layering Technique:

“I consider this experience as a workshop, a way to communicate with the world, expressing ideas, watching people expressing theirs and learning from that.

Layering is often an underestimate aspect, as people easily think that a t-shirt and a sweater should be enough. It could be, but not always. I like when I can actually see what I’m wearing, so When I practice layering I decide giving relevance to details: the collar of shirt appearing from the sweatshirt or a funny tank under the blazer or cardigan.


In this case I chose the second option, homagin with an Alcott man t-shirt a great US President from the past, J.F.Kennedy, in a quite particular way 🙂 On the top a black cardigan, a black Zara quilted jacket and a scarf stolen from my boyfriend’s closet. To complete the outfit, an asimmetric skirt and a pair of Italian Oxford shoes. A total black with white, blue and red (colors of the US flag) details. It’s always all about details 😉


I really enjoyed this experience as layering means the possibility to play with clothes, colors and images, as fantasy could suggest. In my country, Italy, we need this stuff in winter, as it’s always quite cold.

Thanks to Janelle for this opportunity and I hope working again with her in future. Ilaria”

Enjoy her the slide show of all the pics she did for the demonstration:)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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