Styling Practice: Preppy Casual Metallic

Preppy Casual Metallic


The Look:

Preppy, casual, and timeless all in one.  Being on a quest to liven up winter classics with the use of metallics, I had to highlight this look!

Why I Love It:

The navy trousers and crisp collared white button-up are complimented by a cropped pale gold metallic cardigan.  The addition of the cardigan brings a lighthearted and feminine element to such a classic (often stoic) look.  This a very versatile outfit that would look just as good on a college student as it would in a business casual environment or to an after-work happy hour.

*Fashion Stylist Tip:

  • Pair this look with a pair of black glitter or metallic stilletos and clutch for happy hour
  • Up the “sexy” factor by wearing the top few buttons of the shirt undone pair with a longline push-up bra
  • Keep this look professional by keeping makeup natural and minimal gold accessories
  • Layer a longer blazer on top of the cardigan to keep the look more boardroom worthy

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