Fashion Stylist Tip: Adding Flair to Corporate Attire

Fashion Stylist Tip - Business SuitWhen I’m working with clients who are senior and top executive level professionals, a question I always get is “how can I add more variety and flair to my work wardrobe?”

It’s a great question.

Many people on that level in their career are weary of rocking the boat in terms of the dynamics in their workplace.

Yes, this also includes how they dress.

Though this question mainly comes from women, many male executives want to know how to stop looking like a cookie cutter image of their colleagues and jazz up their career attire!

Due to this growing want to be more stylish and fun in a very corporate environment, I’ve come up with the following tips.  These tips will keep you within the guidelines of most business professional workplaces while still allowing you to indulge for in your flair for fashion!

Fashion Stylist Tip - Business SuitFashion Stylist Tip #1: Learn to add accessories in trendy and stylish ways.  This tip means for women to learn add colorful graphic print scarves to the traditional suit, wear small to medium size jewelry sets that add a punch of color or interest to your outfit, and wearing shoes with textured or intricate detail in traditional styles.  I’m personally in love with the classic pointy-toe 4″ pump.  This style is timeless and isn’t going anywhere.  Try a pair of these is a great materials other than traditional matte leather.  My favorite pumps are in patent leather, metallic leathers, satin or silk, beaded designs, etc.

Now for men, this tip can best be applied to things like the color/pattern of ties you wear with your suits, color and/or stripe in the collared shirt worn under your suit, novelty (but tasteful) cufflinks, and contrasting collared shirts.

Everyone needs to assess what they feel will or won’t best within their own workplace.

Fashion Stylist Tip #2: Get the details on your suits customized.  A good tailor and seamstress are truly worth their weight in gold!  For this tip, my goal is for the career man or woman to take the actual suits they wear to have it tailored specifically for them.  Yes, first for the perfect fit and inseam.  However, this tip goes beyond that.  Women have much more leeway here! Ladies, customize details such as having the buttons replaced on the suit jacket of your suit, have architectural details added to your blazer such as pintucks or a slight peplum flair, and having the hem of ankle length pants tailored to have ruching details at the bottom.

Men should really focus on the fit of their suit jackets and blazers.  Find a good tailor and habadashery that knows and understands the various classic and modern jacket and blazer styles for men.  Another way a suit jacket can be customized if for triangle styled faux handkerchiefs to be sewing into the breast pocket or slit of the jacket.

Fashion Stylist Tip - Business SuitFashion Stylist Tip #3: Play with pattern vs. color to create impact.  Since the colors that are deemed permissible (especially on a large scale) can be quite limiting for senior executives, I strongly suggest incorporating pattern and textures into your wardrobe instead.  Think pinstripe, argyle, plaid, houndstooth and paisley.  These patterns, even in more traditional colors can be quite dazzling.  Incorporating any two of these patterns together in the same look makes a big impact.  The only thing you have to ensure is that the colors in both patterns are exactly the same so you won’t look mismatched.  Houndstooth and argyle especially look good together!

Now that you have a few tips to get started, go to your closet and get to work!

Before you run out and purchase anything, see what you already have that can boost your look.

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Roll Your Jeans & Clip Your Pants

Roll Your Jeans

Fashion Stylist Tip: Rolling your jeans & using clip hangers will help organize your closet!

If you’re a shopoholic/fashion addict like me you may suffer from the same issue as I do when it comes to storing your jeans…

…there’s no room in your closet!

As a woman who loves variety and has yet to meet a denim wash she didn’t love, jeans are definitely a big part of my wardrobe.

Though I love this most versatile piece of clothing, I could never seem to store them in a way that would prevent wrinkling.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, that is until I had the fabulous idea to start storing my jeans in the same way I pack them.

The concept is simple.

Step 1: Roll Your Jeans like you would when packing

Just roll your jeans in order to store them in your closet!

This creates space and keeps them wrinkle free.

You just have to know how to roll them properly.  To help you with that task, I’ve included a short video.

If you happen to experience ANY wrinkles when you unravel your jeans, just use a steamer.

(My favorite steamer is Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer).

Step 2: Clip Your Pants, Trousers & Skirts

The next thing you want to do is clip all of your pants, trousers, and skirts on clip hangers.

If you have a lot of any of these items, then you need clip hangers (Ad naseum!)

To make it easier, below are the different types of pant/trouser hangers:

  • Individual clip hangers – these are hangers where you can hang one (at most two) pairs of pants  (The Clear 14″ Pant/Skirt Hangers, set of 25 is enough to get all of your pants/trousers/skirts neatly hung for under $20).
  • Open-ended swinger hangers – no this isn’t referring to an alternative lifestyle, but it is a fancy type of hanger!  (I have mixed feelings about these hangers, but my favorites are Jobar Slacks Hangers Open Ended pants Easy Slide Organizers).  They work best with pants that are lightweight.  Think career attire slacks, khakis, etc.

So try the rolling technique & check out each type of hanger then let me know what works for you!

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How to Fold a Sweater to Increase Storage Space in Your Closet

How to Fold Sweaters

Fashion Stylist Tip: Folding sweaters creates max space in your closet!

Answer this question FAST:

If you won a $5,000 shopping spree, would you be able to properly fit your new stuff into your closet?

Or better yet, do the clothes you already have properly fit into your closet?

I’m guessing no, and that’s a huge problem. Most of us only take about five minutes to pick what we’re going to wear for the day, and if we don’t immediately SEE something, we forget it’s there and aren’t maximizing our wardrobe therefore wasting money.

You need a better plan.

Folding Sweaters to Increase Storage Space in Your Closet

It’s cold outside, have you taken the time to fold the sweaters in your closet?

If not, you are wasting precious space by trying to hang those sweaters on hangers.

Below is a quick video I found on YouTube (admittedly not created by me!) on how to fold sweaters:

The tips in this video are important for two reasons:

Reason #1:

The shape/contour of your sweaters will last longer when properly folded instead of hanging on a hanger.

If you are buying clothes as there are meant to be, as an investment, this is really important!

Maintain all aspects of your clothes is essential in building a wardrobe you love and making every dollar you spend on that wardrobe be a good investment.  Garment care has two parts cleaning/maintenance and storing.  Properly folding your sweaters has to do with storage.

Don’t have shelves in your closet?

No worries!  Use a large Space Saver bag or clear plastic bin (suitable for your living space) to store your sweaters when you aren’t wearing them.

Reason #2:

You will create space in your closet.

As a shopaholic by trade, choice, and default, I have to be ruthless when it comes to purchasing and storing what I buy.

To that end, folding sweaters is one of the easiest methods to create more space in my closets.  Go ahead and try this quick solution today & let me know how much space you saved!

*Need more help organizing your wardrobe?  Contact Us today for a consultation about our Closet Audit services.

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Holiday Gift Survival Guide: 5 Gifts to Buy the Practical Guy

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Main Picture

Fashion Stylist Tip: The practical guy is the hardest to shop for!

Ahhh…the holiday season is well upon us and if you’re anything like me (read: shopaholic) then you’ve been in a buying & returning frenzy for the past month.

We all have people on our list who are easy to buy for, those that are hard to buy for and those that leave us completely clueless about what to buy them.

That’s where you encounter that practical guy as I like to call him.  The “Practical Guy” is the man on your holiday shopping list that’s so insanely practical that he doesn’t really care about fashion.

In my world, this guy is my dad.  Oh don’t mistake me, he’s wonderful but the man likes his practical items for gifts and gives the same in return.  No, he doesn’t lack style or polish, but he does look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about running out at 2 a.m. to shop Black Friday sales!

Through the years, my older sister and I (fashion plates that we are) have found sneaky ways to give our dad gifts that are insanely practical without sacrificing the style, fashion and flair that we know and love so well.  My fashionista mother has simply given up at this point and only buys him shoes, lol!

So since I feel I’m not the only one who suffers horrible stress at this time of year trying to figure out what to buy the practical guy I created this short holiday gift survival guide to help fellow fashionistas with a practical guy on their shopping lists this year.

Gift Idea One: Winter Accessories

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy - Gift Idea #1: Winter Accessories

This gift idea works best if you live in the North (as my fabulous family does).  Buy a hat, scarf and gloves in high-end fabrics.  Think lambskin leather gloves with fur lining, cashmere scarf and a silk lined cashmere hat.  Go for coordinating colors in the range of colors the practical guy on your list likes (if you know those colors).  A word of warning, stay away from all designer logo items, as the practical guy may find this too gaudy, loud, or ostentatious and won’t wear your gift!  If you want to do something with a logo, only do it with the scarf and this in a small print.

Gift Idea Two: Designer Shades

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Gift Idea #2 - Designer Shades

Sunglasses are always useful as sunny days happen year round! Go with a pair of classic aviators or another masculine style your practical guy will love.

Gift Idea Three: A Trench coat

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy Gift Idea #3: A Trench Coat

A magnificent coat can definitely make the man.  Because of its versatility, I suggest a trench coat from a brand that’s know for great tailoring.  Classic detailing such as double-breasted buttons, shoulder plackets, and rear vents will be appreciated by the practical guy.  Steer clear of anything with too much pattern, print, or too loud of a color.

Gift Idea Four: Leather Goods

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy Gift Idea #4: Leather Goods

Go for a lambskin or embossed leather wallet in black, navy, oxblood, or forest green.  A few sharp designer leather belts wouldn’t hurt either.  Just remember to keep the color choices dark or neutral.

Gift Idea Five: Skin Care Products

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy Gift Idea #5: Skin Care Products

All men use some variety of skin care products.  This is the place where you can really splurge and buy the practical guy on your list a great shaving kit from The Art of Shaving or cleansers & products from Kiehl’s Men Line.  Throw in some body care products as well if you really want to encourage the practical guy on your list to upgrade his overall regimen.

**Bonus Tip: Give the practical guy a gift receipt

Even though this holiday gift survival guide has some outlined some sneaky ways to add glam and style to gift buying for the practical guy on your list, that doesn’t guarantee he’s going to like it.  Therefore as an extra precaution, give him the gift receipt so he can exchange the product for something else.


Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy - All

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How to Wear Radiant Orchid in Career Attire

wear radiant orchid 1

Fashion Stylist Tip: Runways don’t lie! Radiant Orchid is Pantone Color of the Year 2014

A few days ago Pantone announced the 2014 Color of the Year and it’s the oh so lovely Radiant Orchid!  This medium shade of a red-purple is going to be a hit for the practical and ultra-feminine fashionistas alike!  The key is knowing how to wear it. Follow these steps to learn how to wear radiant orchid in your career attire in the coming seasons.

Since radiant orchid is Pantone Color of the Year, you can surely guess it will be on the runways and in stores everywhere in 2014.  However if you look at this color and think it’s too feminine for career attire or it’s just not in the range of colors you normally wear, then think again!  Here’s how I plan to add radiant orchid in the career attire section of closets of clients this coming year:

  • Wear radiant orchid with darker prints – The structure of such a garment can counteract the too feminine vibe that the color gives off.  Wear radiant orchid paired with darker colors and it will work as an accent to lift the mood the other colors
  • Wear radiant orchid as a color in an accessory – You can effortlessly wear radiant orchid as a color in your wardrobe by adding a patterned scarf that has radiant orchid as one of its color.  Also think of adding a handbag in this fabulous shade
  • Wear radiant orchid as the main color – If you’re a bold beauty, then wear radiant orchid as the main color in your outfit.  A dress is the perfect choice for this option.  Style the look with darker colors and prints to anchor the look and keep the sophistication factor in your career attire

Carmen Rodriguez NSP via photopin cc


wear radiant orchid 1

Fashion Stylist Tip: Wear radiant orchid as a color in a print or as an accessory

wear radiant orchid 2
Fashion Stylist Tip: Wear radiant orchid as a solid color in an accessory against a darker print

wear radiant orchid 3

Fashion Stylist Tip: Wear radiant orchid as the main color and use darker pieces as accents in your look. This is a great time to wear radiant orchid in a dress


Dressing Well On A Budget: 3 Steps on How to Dress While Losing Weight

how to dress while losing weight

Personal Stylist Tip: When your body is in a transitional mode, follow these tips to learn how to dress while losing weight!

The other day I received a question on how to dress while losing weight.  Now the particular woman who wrote me expressed her love of vintage and disclosed the fact that she was tall.

All of which are an absolute plus in my book!

Many times seasonal trends don’t highlight looks for tall women, but wearing vintage clothes is an easy way to take the mystery out of a great look and provide price-conscious camouflaging solutions for how to dress well while losing weight.

Follow my three easy steps and dressing well on a budget and looking chic while losing weight become virtually effortless.

Step 1: Accentuate Your Positives

No matter what shape or size you are, we all have appropriate physical parts that look good in clothing.  For instance, if you are a woman who’s broad in the shoulder, or has a larger lower half,  or has some extra in the midsection, you may want to show off your shoulders.  

An off-the-shoulder top or dress will naturally bring the eye upward and detract from your lower half or midsection.  This is one of those looks for tall women that I definitely recommend.

Another part that’s great to accentuate (if it’s small to medium size) is the bust.  Get a good push-up bra and a v-neck and rock on! Showing or emphasizing the bust is a great trick fashion pros use when showing celebs how to dress well while losing weight. Anything that draws the eye to the the bust will automatically detract from the hips, midsection, etc.

personal stylist tip: vintage pieces that work

Personal Stylist Tip: Finding vintage pieces that work with what’s already in your wardrobe can save you time, money, and help accentuate your positives in a more modern look.

Step 2: Find Vintage Pieces That Work

The first thing people should understand about “vintage” is that the term is often misused. Vintage, for the sake of this blog post, refers to clothing 25+ years old.  Now, because cuts were different (as well as the standard size of the wearer) finding vintage pieces that work can be somewhat of a challenge.  You first want to do your research and know the fashion decade you like best .

Next you want to find reputable vendors in your area that carry such pieces.

For starters, go for accessories (think scarves, hats, belts, handbags, jewelry, etc.)  that can really accent a more modern-day look.  Accessories is also a great place to start because it’s a real money saver when you’re learning how to dress well while losing weight.  No matter your weight or size, accessories don’t have sizes so they’ll be usable now as well as in the future.

This is also a good tip for dressing well on a budget in general.

If you’re petite, average, or tall, you can find some great vintage pieces that work for your wardrobe.  The best looks for tall women are those that accent their height in a positive light. Maybe you can wear capes, funky hats, and drape cardigans that shorter women can’t wear.  Test some of these pieces out in your closet and see what you like.

One of my all-time favorite vintage pieces that work are wrap dresses!

Yes, they are still very much alive and well today, but many times the vintage editions have gathering and detailing that’s lost in the fashion world today.  Gathering, detailing, and ruffles can be great camouflage when trying to hide a midsection or hips and always an elegant option for a chic look if you want to know how to dress for losing weight.

Just a word of warning: many vintage stores don’t allow returns, so if you want to find vintage pieces that work, it may be wise to wear what you would wear with a particular piece while you’re out shopping.  This way you can easily try it on in the dressing room and proceed from there.

personal stylist tip: shapewear for everyday

Personal Stylist Tip: Comfortable compression shapewear for everyday use can provide you that smooth, polished look in all of your clothing.

Step 3: Shapewear for Everyday – Wear Comfortable Compression Shapewear

I know this is not something most women want to hear, but the fact is even celebrities wear shapewear!  I

If you want to get a more defined silhouette or just look better in your clothes, comfortable compression shapewear for everday use is the way to go.  There are a ton of brands in the market place today, so there are definitely a lot of choices.  Comfortable compression shapewear will smooth out rolls, hold in waistlines and hips, and so many other things.  You just have to give it a chance.

Shapewear for everyday should be durable, breathable, and most of all comfortable whether you’re sitting or standing.

Since shapewear isn’t cheap, the best time to buy is during big sales events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, After-Christmas, Semi-Annual Sale, President’s Day Sale, etc.).  Do a little research before you buy any shapewear and see how a particular brand sizes their products and what products will work for your problem areas.  This will save a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Danimezza via photopin cc

lion heart vintage via photopin cc

CutandChicVintage via photopin cc

Wearing the Right Panty: The Thong Panty That Fits & Panties That Fit Comfortably Guide

thong panty

Personal Stylist Tip: If you want panties that fit comfortably, wearing the right panty at all times, and finding a style of thong panty that fits is key to any woman’s flawless wardrobe.

It’s extremely important for any well-dressed woman to always be wearing the right panty.  Whether you have a large lingerie collection of thongs, or if you’re thinking of buying your first one, finding a thong panty that fits is key if you want to find panties that fit comfortably!

There are countless designs and styles of undergarments in every fabric imaginable.  One of the first tips in wearing the right panty is to choose fabrics that won’t chafe or irritate the skin.  This is doubly important when finding a thong panty that fits your body well and can be worn comfortably all day.

Panties that fit comfortably (especially when seeking a thong panty that fits) need to have three main characteristics:

  • breathability,
  • carrying moisture away from the skin, and
  • ability to stay in place.

Breathability starts with a great fabric that has a weave that allows air flow through it.  The most breathable fabrics include cotton, microfiber, and silk.  Just as a side tip, if your goal is to be wearing the right panty at all times, also choose more natural fibers as opposed to synthetics.

Also, wearing the right panty includes caring for your undergarments appropriately.  To increase the chance that you’ll always be wearing panties that fit comfortably, you should always launder your undergarments before you wear them for the first time to remove the “sizing” or the fabric’s synthetic finish. After washing your panties, they’ll feel softer to the touch and next to your skin. In addition, if you wear your new panties before washing them, any stains on them will be more difficult to remove later.

Thong panty that fits 2

Personal Stylist Tip: The right material is important when searching for a thong panty that fits.

A thong panty that fits should also serve the purpose of carrying moisture away from the skin.  This means that all sweat should be captured in the fabric and not left to sit on the skin where it can easily cause chafing.  This goes for the “V” shape in the front as well as the strip or string of fabric in the back!

Lastly, panties that fit comfortably stay in place!  For this to occur, you want to choose panties that have nylon or other stretch,  Yes, natural material is still best, however a bit of stretch will allow for a better fit and for you to be wearing the right panty it has to conform effortlessly to your body.  It should never look like (or feel like) you’re in a tug of war with your undies.

Another important and often neglected factor in finding a thong panty that fits is to consider your body type in relation to the crotch area of the fabric. The crotch area of thongs is minimal but should be cotton versus anything else.  In order to have panties that fit comfortably this crotch area needs to run along the full length of your lady partsJ

When the fabric is soft and breathable, and the thong’s fabric in the crotch area covers you and fits comfortably, then you’ll know that you have found the brand and style of your favorite thong. Before long, you’ll have an ample collection of perfect thong panty that fits that you will love to wear and buy again when the old ones wear out.

bruna camargo via photopin cc

Sew Ripped via photopin cc

How to Freshen Up Previously Owned Items – Magic Vinegar Solution

The Wardrobe Boutique

Store front of The Wardrobe Boutique located at 1822 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA

Today I was out in the chilly weather of Philly pulling clothes for a photo shoot coming up on Saturday.

Since the vibe of the shoot is supposed to be a 60’s Bridgitte Bardot theme, one of my first stops was a second-hand store I really like.  The Wardrobe Boutique is the retail/store portion of the non-profit Career Wardrobe.

So when I was browsing I came across some fabulous pieces for the shoot but also a few designer pieces for myself!

When I got my purchases home, I saw that one needed a bit of cleaning/freshening up.

This particular piece was a wool scarf and I have an easy solution to cleaning and refreshing such an item.  Follow the pics and instructions below!

Step 1: Make a solution of 1 cup distilled water + 1/4 cup white vinegar + 1/2 Tbsp. Febreeze Original

Magic Vinegar Solution 1

These are the 3 ingredients needed to make my Magic Vinegar Solution to freshen/clean fabrics.

Magic Vinegar Solution 2

Once the boiled tap water is cooled, you’ll have distilled water.
Add the other ingredients at this point to create my Magic Vinegar Solution!

Magic Vinegar Solution 3

My Magic Vinegar Solution is clear & won’t stain clothing.

Step 2: Lay scarf out on a flat surface

Magic Vinegar Solution 4

On a clean towel, I laid the scarf out flat on the floor.

Step 3: Take a clean dry washcloth and dip it into the solution

Magic Vinegar Solution 5

Dipping a clean washcloth in my Magic Vinegar Solution.

Step 4: Gently but firmly apply the solution to the scarf.

Magic Vinegar Solution 6

Applying my Magic Vinegar Solution to the first side of the wool scarf.

Magic Vinegar Solution 7

Adding my Magic Vinegar Solution to the second side of the wool scarf.

Step 5: Use the dry part of the washcloth to vigorously rub over the are where you just put the solution

Magic Vinegar Solution 8

Gently but firmly rubbing my Magic Vinegar Solution into the first side of the wool scarf.

Magic Vinegar Solution 9

Gently but firmly rubbing my Magic Vinegar Solution into the other side of the wool scarf.

***Tip: No area should ever be soaked or saturated with the solution.***

Step 6: Any areas where there are stains, you may need to add a bit more solution and repeat step 5 a few times.

Step 7: Once you have gone over both sides of the scarf, hang it in a place to air dry.

Magic Vinegar Solution 10

Here I’ve hung the wool scarf in a closet to allow my Magic Vinegar Solution to dry . The scarf will come out crisp, clean & fresh!

Test my Magic Vinegar Solution out today and let me know how much $$$ it saved you and how fresh your clothes are!

Leave comments below.

Learn Why Fashion Magazines Are Lying to You

fashion magazine cover

Learn why fashion magazines have been lying to you for years!

Jenny flipped through the pages of the latest issue of another glossy fashion mag.  She saw the celebs on the red carpetl drooled over the latest runway shows; and grew green with envy over that bustier designer dress some pop star wore while on the red carpet.


After an hour of putting herself though self-hell looking at what others were wearing, she looked in her closet and still didn’t have a clue about what she was wearing to a function for work tomorrow night! Has this ever happened to you?


If you’re like me, then the answer is definitely yes. Let’s face it.


Fashion magazine and blogs don’t teach you about fashion!


Sorry if I burst your bubble, but they don’t.


They sell the latest trend and how it looks on the celebrity of the moment. If you really want to learn fashion basics, start looking at something right under your nose. I’m talking about home shopping networks!

Seriously, don’t laugh.:lol:

As crazy as it sounds, these channels that were once thought of as something your Grandma Mary or Aunt June watched have become untapped resources of core fashion knowledge every woman needs to know. Just imagine being able to walk into your favorite store and confidently pick clothes and accessories that were perfect for your shape and sense of style? This is completely possible with the information you’ll learn from home shopping channels!



  • Home shopping channels teach the basics about style – Models of different shapes, sizes, and complexions come out to model whatever’s being presented. Then the host and fashion guest go about explaining the basics of tailoring and fit on that model. The things they’re discussing, like fit, movement, tailoring, length, seams, color coordination, etc. are the types of things you learn when you go to fashion school (think Parsons, F.I.T., Tim Gunn, What Not To Wear, etc.) and you’re getting them right there on your television!
  • Home shopping networks have products readily available – When you see something you like, you can order it right then and there by phone or online.
  • Home shopping networks offer pieces that are on trend – There are professional buyers and stylists who ensure that interpretations of the latest trends in the industry are available for sale. This means you won’t have to worry about being out of date and looking old-fashioned

Why are home shopping networks the new source of useful fashion philosophy?

fashion magazine cover2

Fashion magazines are beautiful and glossy, but don’t give fashion advice you can use!

In today’s online and interactive world (where the next YouTube sensation can be on tour with a pop star!) many celebrities and fashion insiders are expanding their brands by marketing clothing and accessories to the masses. This makes fashion (and fashion knowledge) more accessible to the everyday person.


Shows to watch on the most popular channels



  • Fashionably Early with Jane & Pat – usually has on guests (like Kris Jenner) or fashion insiders who give great tips on the pieces being shown and how to wear them in various ways
  • B. Makowsky Handbags – great colors of handbags for the seasons and what they work best with
  • The Lisa Robertson Show – this is a good Friday night fashion recap with plenty of guests, tidbits, and entertainment hosted by a veteran from the network
  • Issac Mizrahi Live! – Issac himself usually comes on the show and gives great tips for how to wear his pieces, along with color and accessories advice
  • Shoe Shopping with Jane – This show will give you great insight on the latest shoe trends, what colors they work best with, and occasions to wear them
  • Simonton Says by George Simonton – “Unique novelty fabrics, exquisite details and sophisticated silhouettes are the hallmarks of George Simonton, the designer of choice for some of the world’s best-dressed women. George Simonton is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and listed as an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His elegant ready-to-wear creations can be found in select specialty stores and high-end department stores, but George Simonton has created Simonton Says especially for QVC. From couture-inspired details to feminine prints and rich jacquards of Simonton Says elegant related separates beautifully reflect the designer’s flair for what flatters today’s woman..” (from QVC)
  • Accessorize Your Fall – This show features the hottest accessories of the season which you can add to your real life wardrobe, including handbags, shoes and jewelry




  • Tiana B. Fashions – Modern street-savvy style in wearable knits is presented here
  • Hot In Hollywood – The hottest shoes, handbags, and accessories are presented at more affordable price-point. Great commentary provided on what the models are wearing and several different suggestions on how you can wear it too!
  • American Glamour Badgley Mischka – on of the designers comes on to explain what they designed the pieces they did and how to wear it for that season.
  • G by Giuliana Rancic – the E! Host and reality star has her pulse on fashion and what’s hot in Hollywood. Therefore you can expect nothing less than cutting edge style and great wardrobe pieces from her collection.
  • IMAN Global Chic (and also IMAN Platinum) – This is a fashion veteran with nearly 4 decades of experience in the fast-paced world of fashion. She brings her fresh interpretations of the latest trends to the small screen and give viewers tailoring and color options that would be hard to find elsewhere. Everything this woman does is fabulous and I literally write down every piece of fashion advice that comes out of her mouth!
  • CARMEN Carmen Marc Valvo – The fashion god who’s know to design his dresses for women with curves has brought his high fashion sensibilities to HSN with collection that range from wear-to-work to casual & chic. He brings a breath of sensuality and femininity to sophistication like no other designer out today.

Now that you know my top picks of shows that will actually teach you a thing or two about fashion, go schedule that DVR or set that TiVO to record so you truly understand the basics of fashion and style so you can feel confident everytime you step out the door.

Want to start now?

Then watch the short QVC video below and….

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