Etiquette & Protocol

Etiquette ServicesBrush up on your business, social, and professional etiquette with the assistance of our etiquette consultants.

Stop practicing behaviors that you didn’t know where inappropriate, start exercising manners that show good breeding, or simply refresh what you already know in order to make that lasting positive impression on those around you.

Common areas covered include:


  • The Art of Conversations
  • The Art of Charm
  • Handling the public spotlight
  • Handling ‘sticky’ situations (in-public)
  • How to politely dispute
  • Introductions
  • Formal & Social Dinners
  • Table Manners

Business Etiquette ServicesBusiness

  • Communication
  • The Art of Conversations
  • How to handle media attention
  • Introductions
  • Mobile Device Usage
  • Networking
  • Seminar Development
  • Speech Presentation
  • Table Manners
  • Dining Etiquette & Customs

Who this service is for: This service is best suited for any client who wants to get ahead professionally or socially.

Duration: 2 hrs. per session


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