Body Analysis (2 sessions)
Find out how to dress to perfection by understanding your particular body & facial shape!

  • Find out both your vertical & horizontal measurements
  • Learn the key shapes, colors, and accessories to compliment your body shape
  • Recognize how to interpret and personalize the latest trends
  • Identification of the best accessories and hair styles that will work for your features

>>This service is for: This service is best suited all clients.

>>Duration: 1 hour per session

Bridal Styling 
Know exactly what you’re looking for before you ever step foot in a bridal salon!  
Our consultants will help you determine the best styles, colors, and accessories you need for your big day. This service can be extended if the bride would like a consultant to accompany her on her shopping trips to various bridal stores.

>>This service is for: Brides-to-be who want a better idea of what will work for them before they start shopping.

>>Duration: varies

Closet Audit
This is a complete closet overhaul of a client’s wardrobe.  Pre-closet audit activities are required by client (please note, client will be charged for additional time to perform these tasks if they aren’t finished when consultant arrives).  Capsule wardrobes and purchase lists result from this activity.

>>This service is highly recommended for

  • first-time clients,
  • clients interested in Wardrobe Styling services, and
  • those seeking makeovers
  • >>Duration: 5-7 hours

    Closet Editing
    A scaled-down version of the ‘Closet Audit’ for clients.  

    >>This service is a recommendation for all clients on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.

    >>Duration: 2 hrs. per session

    Color Analysis (2 sessions)
    Get your “colors done” by trained consultants.  Every season designers introduce new colors in their new clothing lines and It’s easy to be tempted to try some new colors for the season.  However, how do you know which colors will work for you?!  There’s no need to be in further confusion because we can help you find the best colors and color combinations to work for your silhouette, hair color, eye color, and complexion.

    >>This service is best suited for clients who are clueless about color, want to add more color to their wardrobe but don’t know how, or just want to refine their knowledge of what colors work best for them.

    >>Duration: 1 hr. each session

    Etiquette & Protocol Training 
    Brush up on your business, social, and professional etiquette with the assistance of our etiquette consultants. Stop practicing behaviors that you didn’t know where inappropriate, start exercising manners that show good breeding, or simply refresh what you already know in order to make that lasting positive impression on those around you.

    Common areas covered include:


    • The Art of Conversations
    • The Art of Charm
    • Handling the public spotlight
    • Handling ‘sticky’ situations (in-public)
    • How to politely dispute
    • Introductions
    • Formal & Social Dinners
    • Table Manners


    • Communication
    • The Art of Conversations
    • How to handle media attention
    • Introductions
    • Mobile Device Usage
    • Networking
    • Seminar Development
    • Speech Presentation
    • Table Manners
    • Dining Etiquette & Customs

    >>This service is best suited for any client who wants to get ahead professionally or socially.

    >>Duration: 2 hours per session

    Fashion Styling
    Do you need to look jaw-dropping fabulous for an event or dinner? Then let our Certified Fashion Stylist (CFS) work with you for the perfect hair, makeup, and gown/suit for that special occasion!

    >>This service is best suited for a client seeking to look great for a one-time event, a photo shoot, etc.

    >>Duration: 2 hrs. per session

    Image Consulting & Men’s Image Consultant
    Going into deeper areas of beyond appearance, our Image Consulting service includes all the aspects of Fashion Styling as well as areas of behavior and communication.

    We address the following areas:

    • Personal presentation;
    • Non-Verbal Communication Training
    • Personality Training
    • Voice & Mannerism Modulation Training
    • Facial Expression Training
    • Interpersonal Skill Development (for Social & Professional Situations)
    • Effective seminars and executive presentations
    • Public image – master your personal appearance
    • Voice & Mannerism Modulation Training
    • Emotional Intelligence Training

    >>This service is for: This service is best suited for all clients seeking to enhance their appearance, behavior and communication.

    >>Duration: 2 hr. sessions

    Makeovers (Full & Partial)
    This head-to-toe overhaul is when you need a new look fast! For clients located in the metro Philadelphia area, this is a one-day service. The majority of work is done in stores and purchasing the items needed to create a specific look. For clients located outside of the metro-Philadelphia area, this is a two-day service.

    If you live in a major US city, check out my ‘Sassy In the City’ Makeover Package (or ‘Dapper In the City’ Makeover Package for Men).

    >>Duration: varies, average of 6-8 hrs. per day

    Personal Shopping
    Highly trained consultants will streamline the shopping process by going to the store with you and picking the best clothing and accessories that fit your style, silhouette, and budget!

    >>This service is available in person and online and is best suited for any type of client since it’s very adaptable.

    >>Duration: 1.5 hr. sessions

    Personal & Professional Coaching
    Are you struggling to overcome a particular hurdle or situation and just can’t figure out how?
    That’s where the services of our Certified Professional Coach (CPC) come into play!
    Interactive sessions and exercises will help you work with your coach to form and execute a plan to overcome just about any hurdle standing in the way or your success & happiness.

    Some areas where we often work with clients include:

    • Career path (planning and change)
    • Communication
    • Dating & Relationships
    • Health & Fitness
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Social Issues

    >>For purposes of convenience, this service is available over the phone or via Skype!

    >>Duration: 1 hr. sessions

    ‘Shop & Ship’
    Let our talented consultants ship you the clothes and accessories that fit you when they’re out and about working with other clients across the globe.

    >>Please note, this service is only available for clients who have been in ‘good-standing’ for 12 months of consistent with our company.

    >>Duration: varies

    Traveling Shopping Tours
    Love to shop?  Love to travel?  Then do both with the assistance of our consultants! Take a shopping vacation with your personal shopper to a fabulous city either domestically or abroad to discover the joys of a new city without the hassle of finding where to shop, what to shop for, and the anxiety of shopping alone!

    Domestic Location

    • Boston, MA
    • Chicago, IL
    • Minneapolis, MN (Mall of America)
    • Miami-Ft.Lauderdale, FL
    • New York City, NY
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Choose Your Destination!

    International Locations

    • Barcelona, Spain
    • London, England
    • Madrid, Spain
    • Milan, Italy
    • Paris, France
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Choose your destination!
    This is the perfect service when traveling to major cities in the US and abroad. 

    Please note, our consultants only travel to countries identified as neutral or US allies.

    >>Duration: varies

    Trend Forecasting
    Be ahead of everyone else with personalized trend forecasting. Our consultants use their up-to-the minute knowledge of fashion and trends to create customized trend reports for our clients based upon their individual style personality, body shape analysis results, and budget.

    >>This service is best suited to very fashion-forward clients who want or need to always be ahead of others when it comes to fashion and style. Clients who are socialites, celebrities, or in the public spotlight often would benefit from this service.

    >>Duration: 1 hr. per session

    Wardrobe Styling 
    Want to make the most out of what you already have?  Then let our fashion-savvy consultants to reignite your wardrobe with minimal additions.  As Certified Wardrobe Stylists (CWS) our consultants will create and curate what you already have into seasonal capsule wardrobes.

    •  Find out how to coordinate the your wardrobe you have in countless ways
    • Understand how the staples pieces in your wardrobe can save you money when shopping for additions to your wardrobe
    • Get the insiders’ information about the best times to shop during the year to maximize your wardrobe with minimal spending required
    • Perfect for the man or woman who already has a closet full of clothes and/or accessories
    • Perfect for the budget-conscious client who wants to use what they already have
     >>Duration: 2 hr. sessions


    Custom Services 
    Want to use our services, but don’t see exactly what you need? Now you can ‘create your own’ service package!

    Some of specialty services that we have performed in the past for clients include:

    • Specialty Gift Purchasing
    • Grocery Purchasing Services
    • Event Planning (small-to-medium venues)
    • National & International Purchasing Assistance
    • Luxury Item Purchasing
    • Personal Coaching & Visualization Perception Training
    This is an ideal choice for clients who need customized service assistance.
    >>Duration: varies per client needs