Fashion Stylist Tip: Adding Flair to Corporate Attire

Fashion Stylist Tip - Business SuitWhen I’m working with clients who are senior and top executive level professionals, a question I always get is “how can I add more variety and flair to my work wardrobe?”

It’s a great question.

Many people on that level in their career are weary of rocking the boat in terms of the dynamics in their workplace.

Yes, this also includes how they dress.

Though this question mainly comes from women, many male executives want to know how to stop looking like a cookie cutter image of their colleagues and jazz up their career attire!

Due to this growing want to be more stylish and fun in a very corporate environment, I’ve come up with the following tips.  These tips will keep you within the guidelines of most business professional workplaces while still allowing you to indulge for in your flair for fashion!

Fashion Stylist Tip - Business SuitFashion Stylist Tip #1: Learn to add accessories in trendy and stylish ways.  This tip means for women to learn add colorful graphic print scarves to the traditional suit, wear small to medium size jewelry sets that add a punch of color or interest to your outfit, and wearing shoes with textured or intricate detail in traditional styles.  I’m personally in love with the classic pointy-toe 4″ pump.  This style is timeless and isn’t going anywhere.  Try a pair of these is a great materials other than traditional matte leather.  My favorite pumps are in patent leather, metallic leathers, satin or silk, beaded designs, etc.

Now for men, this tip can best be applied to things like the color/pattern of ties you wear with your suits, color and/or stripe in the collared shirt worn under your suit, novelty (but tasteful) cufflinks, and contrasting collared shirts.

Everyone needs to assess what they feel will or won’t best within their own workplace.

Fashion Stylist Tip #2: Get the details on your suits customized.  A good tailor and seamstress are truly worth their weight in gold!  For this tip, my goal is for the career man or woman to take the actual suits they wear to have it tailored specifically for them.  Yes, first for the perfect fit and inseam.  However, this tip goes beyond that.  Women have much more leeway here! Ladies, customize details such as having the buttons replaced on the suit jacket of your suit, have architectural details added to your blazer such as pintucks or a slight peplum flair, and having the hem of ankle length pants tailored to have ruching details at the bottom.

Men should really focus on the fit of their suit jackets and blazers.  Find a good tailor and habadashery that knows and understands the various classic and modern jacket and blazer styles for men.  Another way a suit jacket can be customized if for triangle styled faux handkerchiefs to be sewing into the breast pocket or slit of the jacket.

Fashion Stylist Tip - Business SuitFashion Stylist Tip #3: Play with pattern vs. color to create impact.  Since the colors that are deemed permissible (especially on a large scale) can be quite limiting for senior executives, I strongly suggest incorporating pattern and textures into your wardrobe instead.  Think pinstripe, argyle, plaid, houndstooth and paisley.  These patterns, even in more traditional colors can be quite dazzling.  Incorporating any two of these patterns together in the same look makes a big impact.  The only thing you have to ensure is that the colors in both patterns are exactly the same so you won’t look mismatched.  Houndstooth and argyle especially look good together!

Now that you have a few tips to get started, go to your closet and get to work!

Before you run out and purchase anything, see what you already have that can boost your look.

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Let me know your fashion take in the comment section below!

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