Holiday Gift Survival Guide: 5 Gifts to Buy the Practical Guy

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Fashion Stylist Tip: The practical guy is the hardest to shop for!

Ahhh…the holiday season is well upon us and if you’re anything like me (read: shopaholic) then you’ve been in a buying & returning frenzy for the past month.

We all have people on our list who are easy to buy for, those that are hard to buy for and those that leave us completely clueless about what to buy them.

That’s where you encounter that practical guy as I like to call him.  The “Practical Guy” is the man on your holiday shopping list that’s so insanely practical that he doesn’t really care about fashion.

In my world, this guy is my dad.  Oh don’t mistake me, he’s wonderful but the man likes his practical items for gifts and gives the same in return.  No, he doesn’t lack style or polish, but he does look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about running out at 2 a.m. to shop Black Friday sales!

Through the years, my older sister and I (fashion plates that we are) have found sneaky ways to give our dad gifts that are insanely practical without sacrificing the style, fashion and flair that we know and love so well.  My fashionista mother has simply given up at this point and only buys him shoes, lol!

So since I feel I’m not the only one who suffers horrible stress at this time of year trying to figure out what to buy the practical guy I created this short holiday gift survival guide to help fellow fashionistas with a practical guy on their shopping lists this year.

Gift Idea One: Winter Accessories

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy - Gift Idea #1: Winter Accessories

This gift idea works best if you live in the North (as my fabulous family does).  Buy a hat, scarf and gloves in high-end fabrics.  Think lambskin leather gloves with fur lining, cashmere scarf and a silk lined cashmere hat.  Go for coordinating colors in the range of colors the practical guy on your list likes (if you know those colors).  A word of warning, stay away from all designer logo items, as the practical guy may find this too gaudy, loud, or ostentatious and won’t wear your gift!  If you want to do something with a logo, only do it with the scarf and this in a small print.

Gift Idea Two: Designer Shades

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Gift Idea #2 - Designer Shades

Sunglasses are always useful as sunny days happen year round! Go with a pair of classic aviators or another masculine style your practical guy will love.

Gift Idea Three: A Trench coat

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy Gift Idea #3: A Trench Coat

A magnificent coat can definitely make the man.  Because of its versatility, I suggest a trench coat from a brand that’s know for great tailoring.  Classic detailing such as double-breasted buttons, shoulder plackets, and rear vents will be appreciated by the practical guy.  Steer clear of anything with too much pattern, print, or too loud of a color.

Gift Idea Four: Leather Goods

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy Gift Idea #4: Leather Goods

Go for a lambskin or embossed leather wallet in black, navy, oxblood, or forest green.  A few sharp designer leather belts wouldn’t hurt either.  Just remember to keep the color choices dark or neutral.

Gift Idea Five: Skin Care Products

Holiday Gift Survival Guide - Practical Guy Gift Idea #5: Skin Care Products

All men use some variety of skin care products.  This is the place where you can really splurge and buy the practical guy on your list a great shaving kit from The Art of Shaving or cleansers & products from Kiehl’s Men Line.  Throw in some body care products as well if you really want to encourage the practical guy on your list to upgrade his overall regimen.

**Bonus Tip: Give the practical guy a gift receipt

Even though this holiday gift survival guide has some outlined some sneaky ways to add glam and style to gift buying for the practical guy on your list, that doesn’t guarantee he’s going to like it.  Therefore as an extra precaution, give him the gift receipt so he can exchange the product for something else.


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